India – the mere mention of this word conjures images of exotic men, colorfully dressed women, mysterious customs, mesmerizing natural beauty, fragrant flowers, grand palaces, temples that pulsate with the divine.

Over the last five years, I’ve ‘met’ this side of India many times with the curiosity of a five year old – visiting seventeen of her states. My work has been published by the Times of India (print) and the National Geographic YourShot (US) website.

However, it is only now¬† that I’ve started writing this site to share with you all that I learned about this wonderful, curios, fascinating land during my travels with each post an attempt to uncover meaning hidden beneath what I saw and often photographed.

Please do contact me by leaving a comment or on my email for re-publishing this content elsewhere or for help / advice to plan your trip to India or if you have a question about History, culture or food of India and cannot find an answer readily where you live.

Unless indicated otherwise, I am the sole author of the works showcased on this site and it may not be reproduced anywhere without permission. Re-blogs and back-links to the work here are fine and welcome.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, very happy to see somebody from my country, and I am highly pleased after reading your thoughts on this about page. It feels really great to know, you are spreading our Indian culture, its reflection in this World. So proud of you!! Wish You All the Best for further posts!!

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