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Urban Edges

I agree with Ben’s thought that an object placed near the camera can give a point of reference to all else in the frame. That said, it can distort perception too – sometimes beautifully. As I write this post on a lazy Saturday, here in the urban jungle of Delhi, here’s a curated collection of photographs taken within the last week that feature edges.

I’ve taken the liberty to include some edges that are not straight, others that are not real.

Some edges are straight, metallic, dark and despondent. A street-food vendor awaited customers, late in the evening, and finding none, had a lost look about him. The attendant of the shop next door was much more perceptive – my photo-taking didn’t escape his attention.

No more customers

Some Edges are quite unreal – I saw this sign from a distance and walking hurriedly, looked only at its reflection. I was confused, at first glance as to why the steel frame cuts across it. When i stopped to photograph, I realized that it was only the reflection that I had noticed at first.

No more customers

Some edges are smoothed and multicolored! This at a pan-asian restaurant with sauces too hot to handle. Amusing to find a conical flask holding soya sauce.

Bullnose edges for hot sauce

Some edges are just downright dangerous – this one was electric! The board from the restaurant above was too close to the door that hid electric circuitry and meters inside.

Dangerous Kitchen

Some edges are confusing – read casually, it says ‘Gents Pull’ – though exactly what needs to be pulled is not known, since it was pulled a long time away.

Missing glass door

In some ways, an edge of humans provides the best sense of scale – like this one. Had I captured this without the people descending the escalator, I’d have made this urban train station appear smaller than it actually is. With the people descending, it’s a busy place, and yet

The Human Edge

And my last photograph for this post is the one that distorts perspective somewhat. Taken very close to a bottle of ‘Black Magic’ – a non-alcoholic concoction of coca cola, sprigs of mint, slices of ginger and lime – the cylindrical edge contrasts with the ladies who lunch at a distance.

‘Black Magic’ with ladies who lunch

All the photos for this post were taken with a mobile phone. My tips on better mobile photography are here – Ten mobile photography tips that just work . As always, please leave a comment if you enjoyed the read 🙂


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