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Reflections from a week of rapid change

After a gap of several months, I’ve started working again, i.e. working in a company and not for myself. In this week gone by, life has changed at such a dramatic pace and so irreversibly that I’m a bit hard pressed to find that modicum of comfort I’m used to. Even a few minutes to breathe easy are a luxury. From the beautiful, pink city of Jaipur of lanes three hundred years old, I’m now in a shiny new glass encrusted steel clad suburb of Delhi.

This culture shock left me gasping, for creative freedom, for simple joys I cherish – long walks in the park, drops of rain streaming down leaves and searching the grass for little birds that may have accidentally fallen off and need restitution. With no park in sight, I’ve opted for photographing anything I can, with my phone – the only camera I carry as of now.

When I moved cities, the airport had a few interesting Mirror reflections. Here’s one seen from within the airport looking out. I felt a bit like Captain Kirk sitting on the skydeck when everything in front goes wrong (oh, and it’s not dark, yet)

View from Skydeck

This one, a personal favorite, is called ‘What’s on TV’. I saw it on the bus to the aircraft.

What’s on TV?

Another day, another flight, ‘the bird on gate 13’ stopped me in my tracks, forcing a few shutter presses – one with a minor self portrait.

The bird on gate 13
Bird on Gate 13

When I reached my hotel, the bed that awaited me, overlooking a city – I called it ‘up in the air’. Can you see the little car? 🙂

Up in the Air

Last, a handheld long exposure (2 seconds), Hard Rock Cafe sign reflected. I called this one ‘Beautiful night’.

Beautiful Night
Beautiful Night

I should really be out there, looking for a place to rent, but here I am typing this all out. Well, what can I do? I’m incorrigible – a compulsive blogger – believer in free thinking, free spirit and in general an anti establishment soul living in the corporate world. Think stiff collars, ties and suits! Can’t tell you more, would love to, but can’t. Please leave a comment if you enjoyed the read. Also, my tips for taking better photos from your mobile phone are here – Ten mobile photography tips that just work


3 thoughts on “Reflections from a week of rapid change

  1. I really enjoyed this post. Hope the move from Jaipur to Delhi goes smoothly and you settle in soon enough. These are great shots with your phone, especially the two second exposure one. You got steady hands there 🙂 I sympthise with you. I too am a free spirit trapped in the corporate world, in a city in Australia. Sometimes you got to do what you need to do to pay the bills, and find a new challenge 🙂

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