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Rain in the desert

Out here in Jaipur, where I live, it’s desert country. Earth’s throat is so parched around here she rarely has enough on her surface for plants or animals. The little ancient hills of the Aravalis are covered with scrub most of the time – even in winters it is thorny, dusty and very dry. By May, its bad enough not to venture to the places where i have taken these photos. In January this year, from a temple at a hillock, I photographed a couple of landmarks then – this first one is a bi-directional tunnel and the hill that it runs under is solid rock but the one to its right is actually sand compacted by vegetation.


This second one is the flattish hill that hosts couple of microwave towers – they are quite old. The hill in the foreground is all earth and almost no rocks. Also, very dry – visibly so.


Today, in the middle of the monsoon season, it started raining hard and I went out for a drive to the same temple. The clouds were so low, they seemed to touch the top of these very hills. It was a Rare sight. The entire area had turned green and the light, oh was it dramatic. Monsoon magic. This photograph taken from a similar vantage as the second one shows how –


I looked for a suitable spot from where to photograph the entrance of the tunnel and though that approach was closed, i found another one at a level lower than the previous. In the dull yellowish light, the hills appear so green and indeed the desert had burst into bloom – a green carpet was all around. We rarely get so much rain and a view like this.


On the way back, I saw the light under another underpass were so beautifully contrasted with the dull grey cloudy sky above that i couldn’t help but photograph it too.


This last photo is my favorite from today though, a rainy day drive.



2 thoughts on “Rain in the desert

  1. Great post that brings out contrasts that we experience both in weather and topography. I also drove half way to chulgiri just to capture pictures of low hanging clouds. it’s really nice to look at hills from a vantage where we hike every week. Surely the last picture is lovely 🙂

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