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We’re done!

At a local crafts fair in Jaipur, several schools sent their troupes to perform.I was photographing the crafts people and got mistaken for a professional photographer by a group of school children.


They came well dressed wearing very colorful Gujarati costumes. These dresses are usually worn to perform ‘dandiya-raas‘ or ‘garba‘ – a folk dance in which men and women hold sticks and in a kind of tango movement, click one against another. The boys wear a headgear called ‘topi’ and a variant of a shirt (kurta) that’s heavily embroidered. The girls wear a long pleated skirt called ‘ghaghra‘ and a long stitched blouse called ‘choli‘.  Pencil drawn mustaches and kohl lined eyes complete the look.

Behind their heads is a teacher of theirs who turned away the second i clicked. The makeshift cloth wall behind holds entries from a painting competition. I love the motivational and optimistic nature of their art.

Few seconds before I was going to photograph, one of them dragged in another girl from a different troupe. She was wearing a marathi dress (from another state) – of a bright orange and green combination.

They were as happy about being photographed as they were about being done and over with their performance – and they could now go home!

This is my entry for portraits.


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