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A morning in Jaipur

I love walking in the morning, and not just in the park. Most days, though not all, I cover anywhere between four to seven kilometers and I use that time to observe and photograph what the city is upto. It’s a fairly set routine really. For this post, I’ve curated some of my photos captured over six months or so, and sharing them with all my dear readers – all these are taken with a cellphone.

Jaipur was built in the eighteenth century, along a geometric grid pattern, and the walls painted a dull earthy pink (it’s a bit orange, really, but we like to justify our name ‘pink city’). Early in summer, I found this frame near the walled city where a bougainvillea had shed overnight and the sweeper had just collected all the petals along one – pink on pink.

Bougainvillea – Pink against a ‘pink’ish wall

More often than not, I’d get to the city’s central park (yes, we have our own ;))  The jogging path winds along a golf course for the most part – a place where ‘members only’ may play golf. During winter months, it is quite nice to look at. This was photographed from within the holes of an eighteen foot high fence (designed to keep pedestrians and golf balls from interfering in each others’ affairs).


The other ‘elite’ activity that one may view in the park is a polo match preparation. The actual matches are held later in the day, but the teams often rest, rehearse and get their ponies in the groove for the play much earlier. This team had arrived from Jodhpur and they were here for just a couple days.

1-Before the game

Not everyone can afford the pastimes of golf or polo though – cheaper and much more popular is cricket and from the crack of dawn I find youngsters playing – only on weekends or school holidays though.

Good shot

Mornings are also the time when the city’s traditional sweet-makers – called halwais– go about doing what they do best – preparing a dessert called ‘jalebi’ for breakfast. Yes, that’s right folks! Out here in the harsh desert of Rajasthan, we believe in the dictum, ‘life is short, eat dessert first’. Ok, along with that some savories such as ‘samosa’ is also warranted, but the confusing rounds on the left are a must.


While i indulge in observing all these, what makes me truly happy is feeding the pigeons at various spots in the city.My happiest mornings are the ones when they come close – really close to me 🙂  [Self shot, holding the mobile above the head]



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