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Monsoon Sunset

A single ray of sun,

dispels gloom on a cloudy evening,

lone fisherman optimistic.

[I found this frame, after a whole day of motorbiking along the western coast of India during the monsoon season. The season sees torrential rains, uprooted trees, roads washed away and also a new hope for the year ahead. The day was very frustrating for photography, until I saw the sun-setting over a river estuary.The estuary divides this fishing village into two parts – I am on the right bank that serves as parking for the fishing boats – they cannot venture too far into the sea at this time of the year. Left bank has a temple, the village’s community gathering space, and houses. The little part of sea in the frame is the Arabian Sea.

Excited and in a hurry to photograph the sunset, i nearly drove to the water’s edge along the spit, tires skidding on the sand. As I photographed this boat and the pensive man standing next to it, a single ray of sun parted the clouds and my frame – so i moved the lens a little left, and got this!

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Monsoon Sunset



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