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Weekly photo post – numbers

India, this seething mass of a billion and a quarter (is it? Sorry I’ve lost track of the counter) is such a study in contrasts, its rarely the subject of conversation or much pondering for those of us who live here. Rarely are we surprised by what we see around us. Therefore, though there may be a stark contrast thanks to income and consumption inequality, it rarely bothers most.

Today, I was at an upscale mall in the Delhi area and while it was packed to the gills, few shops did serious business. Given the heat wave outside, i suspect most people were there for the Air-conditioning.

I flippantly suggested to my friend that malls have become modern urban India’s parks. As our weather deteriorates, and public spaces get crowded out by newer construction, its the mall where people come to enjoy simple things like good weather and companionship. It amused me as these public goods should essentially be free but today, they were found in a temple of money – even the photos are of objects far beyond the reach of most people around.

Since the weekly photo challenge wouldn’t leave my head – I got three photos, each amusing in its own little way. They’re all taken and edited using my mobile phone as is this post, so hope y’all like it.

I like to call this one – ‘Numbers that take you somewhere?’WP_20160605_17_17_53_Pro (3)

This one – the numbers that matter.
WP_20160605_18_13_36_Pro (2)

and this one – numbers that rule us all.

WP_20160605_18_56_28_Pro (2)


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