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Photo Friday – The cat that changed his mind

Whilst walking back home, day before yesterday morning, I found this little cat, somewhat stuck at a few feet above ground. Crouching on a stone that jutted out of the wall, he seemed in a fix whether to jump or let the world be. Since the height was insufficient for him to commit suicide, clearly he had other things on his mind.


In the natural order, urban cats, however friendly, keep a sensibly cautious distance from humans and other lesser creatures. They take their time before blindly trusting someone and therefore it was quite surprising that this one allowed me to get very close – I photographed all these from my mobile.


It was only after several shots that i noticed that probably he couldn’t see me very well as daylight was harsh and his pupils were narrow streaks of charcoal inside a pistachio background. I thought, at least he poses willingly – which is more than what I could say for my own  pet – now lost a long time.

Ours was a stray that stayed back for several months – in our front lawn and porch and as we fed him everyday, allowed us to pet him. One day he was gone, and missed six meals (three days), prompting a search operation. My grandfather came back with the news that he has probably been run over several lanes behind ours. I’ve never had the heart since to have another.

I wondered if this one would come home with me, follow me perhaps? He made no such gestures and when i photographed him from the side as well, didn’t seem very interested. Instead he watched the traffic keenly. Was he trying to hunt a bus?


Nah, I’ll let all these things live –



Happy Friday everyone!

This short post is in response to the wordpress’s weekly photo challenge -Face, and as a follow up to my earlier post about the mobile photography tips that have worked for me. 


4 thoughts on “Photo Friday – The cat that changed his mind

  1. I am not an animal lover. Cats and dogs have always managed to scare me away but after reading this post, cat seems amazingly beautiful:) Excellent post..

    Liked by 1 person

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