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Remains of the Raj – part 1

Dear reader, in the ongoing spiti backpacking travel saga, this was an early post that has possibly been overlooked due to a mess up on my part understanding how WordPress works 😊.

Hi India

Solo Himachal Bus Travel (post 2) – Shimla

I came out to face the centerpiece of the mall – the Town hall building. Now used by the municipal corporation and hence called the Nagar Nigam. This Tudor style building was designed by the noted Indo-Sarcenic architect Henry Irwin for the usage of the Viceroy to hold meetings. The current structure dates back to 1908 and though most of the wooden frames are clearly showing their age, the façade doesn’t fail to impress.

I started to walk down in the general direction of the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS), which was recommended to me by the tourism guys as the most impressive Raj era building in Simla. The map indicated that somewhere on the side of the mall, after a turn should be St Michael’s church. The map of course makes no mention of whether it was worth seeing or…

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