Poetry & Shorts

Minnesota Nice

Life is fast. Really fast sometimes. Relationships are made and broken with equal ease. Like disposable cups of coffee from the omnipresent starbucks. Out of sight is out of mind. People are specific about what they are looking for and do not seem to compromise – yet fall easily for temptations. Some personal ads are simply bewildering though.

Sample this from the best of CL:
Roommate for pretend marriage – 21

Reply to: **************@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-02-24, 2:22PM CST
I would like to get my citizeship soon, so I need to find someone to pretend to be my husband for 2yrs. I will pay for half of your rent in a two-bedroom apt. All you have to do is file some papers with me.

To a lot of people, looks mean a lot – and no one would ever agree that this statement applies to them. Yet a photo is mandatory in case one plans to meet someone via Craigslist. The twin cities are a rated as a lovely place to be single and young.
I read somewhere, that in Minneapolis, it’s quite common to run into your ex with his or her ‘flavor of the season’ and put on an expression often referred to as ‘Minnesota nice. ’ I am yet to acquaint myself more with this culture to make any significant comments. It just continues to bewilder me.


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