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a good walk wasted

Mark Twain said – Golf is a good walk wasted. That has not stopped me from wasting my precious workout hours last week on this otherwise non-PA intensive game.
I had the good fortune to play a round of Golf at The Leela in Goa last week. It was only the second chance i had to play golf on a course. The game is simply addictive. The course at The leela has an exceptional setting. Its a small course (12 holes) and i dont recall the yardage – but the holes are set in a sort of maze like fashion to accomodate a dozen in an area that would normally allow perhaps half or less that number.
The setting itself is beautiful. There is a small walkway lined with coconut palms that separates the beach from the course. Playing in the evening, we could watch the sun set over the sea.
Now, back to the game that happened. I was playing with a director from my firm – who tried his best to encourage and coach me. The first shot i took, i did not have a swing. Yeah, thats correct, I did NOT have a swing ! i think i dug in the grass and the ball just rolled off the tee. By the third hole, this problem was corrected- but i had developed an addiction for sand traps. By the seventh, the technique to get balls out of sand traps and into greens had been perfected without resorting to any forms of cheating (such as picking up the ball and placing it at a more suitable place without taking a penalty). The last hole had water – and i did not get psyched out. The downside of it was, that the ball went off-course and over the trees (mysteriously managing to remain within bounds). Still managed it within one shot over par.
By the end, i had aching fingers, even more badly aching knees, and a fair number of mosquito bites on the legs. But hey, i can swing now!


One thought on “a good walk wasted

  1. Golf is like an addiction!!! The kind that excites all your senses , “drives” you in an unbelievable manner , and ” tees” off a great day !! I am writing this as someone close to a Golf Victim… As an innocent bystander i saw him get sucked into the game , Practice swings in the middle of the road (Shadow Golf!!)and change his lifestyle around the game .. And what do I love about the game??… the happiness that it brings him!!


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