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Madras – as it was then called…

Few words – Mostly pics – Got as forwards (so no acknowledgements/ source citings) – with fervent hopes that am not infringing any copyrights here. If anyone has the sources for these photographs, then please comment. I’d love to find out!

Bank of Madras 1935

Madras Library 1913

Kotwal Chawadi Market 1939

Marina 1913


3 thoughts on “Madras – as it was then called…

  1. I have a book Rules and Regualtions for Agents and Accountants from the Bank of Madras 1893 with a handwritten letter inside from the secretary of treasury J mattheson. Can you tell me anything about this or where i could go to find out more.my e-mail addy is docjingles03@yahoo.com


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